Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game Idea: Bladeon

Bladeon follows a young boy named Fence and his dog Rier (pronounced Ree-ar). Fence is no special human or anything, just an innocent boy with impressive talent as a sword fighter and dreams of becoming a BladeMaster like his grandfather. While Fence himself is not special on his own, he is Soul-Chained to Rier. If one dies, so does the other. This Soul-Chain allows them to have a spectacular bond as partners and also allows Rier to live as long as Fence does. You will occasionally also meet Fence's friend, Cana (pronounced Cane-ah), daughter of the Archmage. While Cana is the daughter of an archmage, she actually knows no magic at all. She's actually more of a rogue type of gal. Always sneaking about and always tries to get what she wants.

The Game begins in the Junior Razor. The Razor is a tournament where the strongest of the world come together to battle. During Junior Razor, you will learn the gameplay mechanics of Fence. The battles won't be too hard as they are merely tutorial based, except for the finale, which will be tougher but is NOT required to win. Needless to say, winning it will help you in one way or another. Whenever you or the other finalist enters the stage to acquire the trophy, the Adult Razor gets attacked by a couple of shadowy cloaked figures who call themselves the "Lurkers"; They are very powerful warriors with no good intentions. You and the other finalist run to the adult Razor to lend a hand, but the entire arena is already set in flames. Luckily not many have died, and Fence's grandfather survives too. However, Fence leaves the arena too late and it collapses. Due to the Soul-Chain, Rier knows about it, and that's when you learn to play as Rier.

While Fence has the combat gameplay, Rier is not too strong without his partner Fence. Rier is more of the spy type. He can go into areas you otherwise wouldn't be able to get to. This can be used either to find useful or required items, or maybe even spy on enemies. You play as Rier through the collapsed Razor Arena. Throughout this you will learn the gameplay mechanics of the stealthy dog. This consists of wall-running (it's a crafty lil puppy) and crawling underneath small holes. Occassionally you will have to fight if you get caught by an enemy. Since Rier is pretty weak, it's not a good idea to just go berserk on them, but instead to sneak around them. However, when detected, you have plenty of methodes to get rid of them. While Rier isn't strong, by using the area to your advantage you can defeat enemies.

Once you found Fence while playing as Rier, you will face against the last boss of the tutorial. A lurker who was left behind, as he was considered Useless after the mission succeeded. He will try to kill you and here you will play as Fence, however, this time Rier is at your side. The enemies won't attack Rier, as they often see him as a stupid dog, but Rier will make some powerful attacks possible that otherwise wouldn't be possible to use. Once you defeat the Useless Lurker, you will take off it's cloak and see that it was nothing but a shadow, meaing that the Lurkers have shadows to do their dirty work for them if they need to. This is when the game fully begins.

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