Friday, June 21, 2013

Bladeon: Into the Characters

So I thought, why not let you know about the characters a bit more?

Fence Loghearth:
Fence is the hero in this game and the youngest member of family Loghearth together with Rier, his dog. Fence was born at the same time as Rier which they thought was just a mere coincidence. Fence is not quite the relaxed type. While he's a pretty laid-back child, he is also extremely... "active", to say the least. He just can't sit still for longer than 1 minute and is very impatient. He's also very childish, leading to foolish mistakes. He's about 13 years old by the time you play as him. When he was 6 he discovered him and Rier were tied together with a Soul Chain. This seems to be caused because both of them started to live at the EXCACT same time. Fence has an incredible talent in the art of sword combat and is one of the strongest junior sword fighters in the world. He trains a lot because he wants to be a Blademaster like his grandfather, Sash Loghearth. A Blademaster is an honorable title and is given to those who defeat 5 other Blademasters. Fence wields a sword crafted by his father and while it's not the most amazing looking sword, it's extremely powerful. Fence also has some friends, but his best friend is Cana Revelen, who he met at the age of 7. Fence has the potential to be a Blademaster like his grandfather and during his adventure to save the people from the Lurkers, you will help him to become one.

Rier Loghearth:
Rier is the partner of Fence. Soul-Chained to Fence, he ages a lot slower than other dogs. He ages at the speed Fence ages, meaning it can live as long as Fence lives. But this goes for both ways, meaning they are both tied to 1 life instead of seperate ones. While he is Soul-Chained to Fence, he is not as capable in combat as Fence, and rather sneaks about to help Fence when help is needed. Rier is also a very agile dog that even makes some other animals like Cheetahs and Monkeys look as agile as a baby. Rier is a pretty carefree dog and always knows it when Fence is in trouble, quickly helping them out. Together they can be quite a troublesome duo. Rier also loves playing with Fence in grassy areas.

Mark Loghearth:
Mark is the father of Fence. Mark is quite a powerful warrior, but does not want to deal with violence himself. He prefers being a blacksmith because that's what he's extremely good at. Mark can lift weights to about twice his own, and he's not really the lightest person. He is well known in the world as one of the greatest blacksmiths alive, making him very busy and have quite little time for his son. While this means that he can't play as much with Fence as he wanted too, he crafted him a special sword. While this sword looks pretty basic, he made it to fit Fence to the smallest points and very powerful too. Not focusing on the looks of the Blade and instead the power it can have, this makes it extremely powerful. He was also married to Deliah Loghearth, who died giving birth to Fence. He always tends to blame Fence for Deliah's death.

Sash Loghearth:
Sash is the grandfather of Fence and used to be an extremely powerful Blademaster, but retired as he was getting too old to keep fighting. However, while he was too old for insane combat, he still trains Fence to become a powerful sword fighter himself. While he retired from his Blademaster title, he is still very powerful for his age. He usually keeps track of Fence, as Mark is always busy working. When not training Fence, he tends to give Fence the time of his life by having fun. From going to fun parks to pranking random strangers, for an old man he's just as troublesome as his grandson and often can't be taken too seriously. Even though he retired as Blademaster, he often helps the Sword Fighting school teach their students to properly fight with their swords and also helps other Blademasters out if he's needed.

Cana Revelan:
Cana is a young girl, 1 year older than Fence. She's also his best friend. She's the daughter of the Archmage in the city. Even though she is the daughter of the Archmage, she knows no magic at all. She's a sneaky rogue-like type and tends to use the area to her advantage and steal stuff when nobody is looking. Often her dad gets into trouble for that but Cana never quite learns from it. Cana often also asks Fence for help when she's in trouble again. She also seems to have a small crush on Fence, although she never admits it and never really shows it that much.

Terrak is the main villain in this game. In fact, Terrak may not even be his name. He calls himself so but who knows if that is really his name? Anyways. Terrak is the leader of the cult called the "Lurkers". Lurkers can control shadows and make them fight for them, and with their own shadows they can do dangerous combat tactics. Terrak used to be a Blademaster, but was eventually kicked out for using extremely dark sword techniques that were forbidden by the first Blademasters. He's extremely powerful and tends to show the world what he's capable off. His plans are to burn the entire world to ashes, and make a greater empire rise from those same ashes. While not much is known about Terrak, since he already used this name when he was stilla blademaster, it is confirmed that he has a son. Terrak's son often helps his father out, but against his own will. Terrak's Shadow is a special one, as they can seperate from eachother, making them even more dangerous.
So, a couple more characters were added to the story. Let's begin!

As you are aware of right now, Terrak and his shadow can be seperated. This is because Terrak's shadow is actually a living being, a demon I might add. He calls himself Umbra, latin for "Shadow/Shade". He claims to help Terrak without question for the sole purpose of destruction. Umbra is not as goal driven as his partner Terrak. In fact, Umbra cares about nothing but bringing disaster to those who know of him. While Umbra is even more powerful than Terrak, there's a reason Terrak leads instead of Umbra. Umbra is extremely powerful, but a massive idiot. While he can use techniques like possession, he always goes completely berserk in battle.

Sypha the "Pathwalker":
Sypha is the leader of the original Lurkers, a cult of Shadowbound beings founded even before mankind started to count the years. Sypha is known as the "Pathwalker", this was a title given to her by the original Lurkers who she helped to grow more powerful. The lurkers said they gave the title for a reason. "She walks a path no other Shadowbound has or will ever walk. She can walk on the path of darkness without losing a bit of her sanity, which is impossible for anyone else." Sypha is also a very powerful mage. She has personal connections to the realms of mana and uses them to her advantage. Sypha is neither good nor evil, and just wants to train the shadowbound to be stronger, as they usually tend to be weakened. She does, however, like bossing people around. However, during the first era, she was killed by Tobias Rah, who then took the lurkers to war against the rest of humanity.

Tobias "Crawler" Rah:
Tobias Rah, also known as Crawler, was the first leader of the evil-alligned Lurkers. Much like Terrak, he seeked a way to destroy the empire and make a new, better one rise from the dust. Whille Terrak tries to do it with the ancient artifact "The Stone of Embers", Crawler tried to do so by brute force, leading an entire army of Lurkers to war. Because of Sypha's training, the lurkers were well-trained against all kinds of humanity's forces, but Crawler tended to be a LOT more powerful than even some armies were. Crawler alone was already very powerful, but he found a way to fuse and become the shadow himself. However, after the war, Keland managed to beat him and Pesh accidently killed him by making him slip over a banana peel (Hey, it's a monkey) into a ravine. Monkeys can change the world, man! (Yes, this is serious). The rest of the lurkers retreated quickly afterwards.

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