Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bladeon: Into the Characters 2

So, I thought I'd talk about more of the characters in bladeon. Also, might as well upload the symbol of the lurkers, so there's that. LET'S START

Deliah Loghearth/Rosedam:
Deliah Loghearth (Rosedam before marriage) is the mother of our hero, Fence, and wife of Mark Loghearth. Deliah is what Fence got his character mostly from. Deliah is laidback and overconfident, don't even get me started on how un-serious she is. She is no warrior, and is in fact very weak. However, she is possibly the smartest person in the entire family, or was before she died. She sadly died giving birth to Fence. Not much is known about Deliah, as she has forgotten a lot of her past. Some say it's insomnia, but that has been proven wrong. This may prove that she wanted to forget her past. It could have something to do with that she has some connection to the Lurkers, but nobody knew what it was. Maybe Terrak knows?

Serponoth is kind of a weird character to explain, as he is a mysterious fellow. Serponeth often wears a mask with some kind of spike on the mouth area. Not much is known about Serponeth, except that he's exceptionally powerful. He also seems to have taken an interest in Fence's blademaster potential. Serponeth seems to have no last name, and also knows a lot about the past. Almost like he was there to live it. His swordfighting skills are extremely good and has quite some magical tricks up his sleeves too. Like I said, Serponeth wears a odd metal mask with a spike near the mouth area and a cloak/coat like outfit. Serponeth tends to appear and dissappear every so often, seemingly to keep an eye on Fence. He also seems to know Terrak, but says that Terrak is not what he seems to be. Serponeth is a strange but powerful oponent. You will also face him in a tournament challange in the game. Whether he uses his full potential is unknown, but once you beat him, he tells you that was merely holding back for the sake of testing Fence. If he wins, he'll tell you that Fence is far from his full potential and mentions that Fence doesn't try hard enough.

Keland Murksoth:
Keland was a phenomenal blademaster from the first era and the person who defeated Tobias, thus stopping the great lurker war. He is also the first person to have the Soul-Chain, as he was Soul-Chained to his pet monkey, Pesh. Keland has extraordinary sword fighting skills, unmatched throughout the entire world. He usually wears light armored clothing with a headband, and prefers to use the sleek shinobi sword, the Katana, over anything else. He is a foolhardy person and never serious unless he has to be, often annoying people to the point of getting angry. Keland was also one of the world's blademasters, and in fact, eventually became Bladeon after beating Tobias. While Keland defeated Tobias, he did not kill him, as he claims that the chance of killing him is more like bait to fall in the hands of evil. At an old age, Keland died by a heart virus. To this day it's still unknown what caused this virus, but it seemed to have something to do with darkness. Because of the Soul-Chain, he took Pesh with him to his grave.

Pesh Murksoth:
Pesh is a monkey and the Soul-Chain partner of Keland. Pesh often dozes off, making you wonder if it's actually a monkey and not a sloth, but it's a monkey alright. While Pesh is one the laziest animals you will ever see, he is quite agile, even being able to jump over some buildings and running on various different objects. He is also quite good at dealing some punches, however, not too good at recieving them. Pesh has white fur and throughout his lifespan he has always been the same size as Keland. It was due to Pesh that the lurker war in the First Era ended. Tobias tried to kill Keland with one fatal blow, but as Keland dodged, Tobias slipped over Pesh's banana peel (not even kidding) right into a ravine. Sadly, shadowbounds can not fly.

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