Friday, June 21, 2013

Bladeon: Explanation

For those of you who have been reading about the Bladeon idea have without a doubt seen the parts about the Soul-Chain. While it has been explained what the soul chain does, it's time to go in full detail about it and other things too.

During a massive lurker attack about 600 years in the past, the first Soul-Chain was caused. This was a Soul-Chain between the first Bladeon, Keland and his pet monkey (yes, monkey), Pesh. This caused them to be an excellent duo and helped them defeat the Lurkers in the past. More about Keland and Pesh you would be able to find out in the game.

The Bladeon:
The Bladeon is the title of a legendary swordfighter. The Bladeon is the title of honor. The Bladeon.... is the strongest Blademaster in the world.

Legendary Bladeon throughout time have made it possible for the world to still exist. People call someone a Bladeon if that swordfighter becomes the strongest Blademaster to currently live. As such, only 1 Bladeon can live at the time, and those who remain Bladeon untill death enter the Hall of Bladeon, a hall of fame for all those Bladeons, hidden near the core of the planet.

Current Bladeon? This is unknown. It was supposed to be decided at the Razor tournaments, which got attacked by Lurkers. But from assumptions, the current Bladeon could even be Terrak.

What causes the Soul-Chain:
The Soul Chain is caused by the universe getting confused by the birth of two. If two beings are born at the EXACT same time within a mile radius, the universe recognizes them as one. Giving them both only 1 life and allowing them to access their Soul-Chain partner. If one's lifespan is shorter than the other, the longest lifespan will be chosen for both of them to live on. Fence and Rier are Soul-Chain partners in this case, which allows Rier to live longer than the avarage dog, as he ages at the same speed as Fence.

The Lurkers:
While Lurkers were assumingly gone forever after their massive loss 600 years ago, seemingly they have returned with a new powerful leader. Lurkers exist out of the Shadowbound. Beings that are shadowbound can control their shadows. Terrak, the leader of the current lurkers, can even seperate him and his shadow. But they can also bring the shadows of inanimate objects to life to fight for them. Their plan is to burn down the entire planet and make a new empire rise from the ashes.

Now the effects of the Soul-Chain:
The Soul-Chain is neither a blessing nor a curse. It's partially both.
Good side of the Soul-Chain:
With the partner you're soul-chained to,  you can exchange thoughts and visions if both beings agree to it. Also, the one who had the shortest life normally now lives the same length as the one who would've lived longer. Also, if one of the beings is in danger, the chain will immidiately warn the other being.
Bad side of the Soul-Chain:
While it's just 1 thing, it's a very big issue. Those who are Soul-Chained will share the same life. Life won't be halved or anything, but if one dies, so does the other. But it's not just death, also health itself. Diseases, disorders, everything will be shared between the two.

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