Monday, May 20, 2013

Nintendo & Youtube VS LPs

If you have not heard it, you probably did read it. And if you didn't, have you been living under a rock? Basically, Nintendo will be claiming videos with Nintendo first party content, like Mario and Zelda. Is this good? No, not even close to being good. There are some arguments people have had I want to counter.

Let's Player is not a real job and they should get a real job instead.
This is one argument that is just stupid. Let's Players do what they love as a job, let them do so. Days after days they entertain fans. Saying Let's Player isn't a job is the same as saying comedian isn't a job. Let's Players might even do more work than some people at, let's say McDonalds. Would you rather have them rot in McDonalds instead of entertaining millions of people? If you say that you're pretty much a selfish bastard. From what I understand, Let's Players have a lot of shit to deal with to begin with. Youtube being a dick with their changes most of the time and it's a pretty risky job aswell. They take this risk knowing that it exists and go all out to entertain people. Don't get me wrong there are let's players who don't do jack shit and only do it for the money, and hurting them would be a good thing. But this way you hurt people who do it with extreme dedication aswell.

People will not buy the game and instead watch somebody else play it.
If people do this, they aren't really gamers to begin with now are they? Guess this only shows who the real gamers are. No, wait, I am wrong there. There are people like me who just can't afford the bloody game but want to experience it anyway. This is the best way of doing so. Also, countless of games actually got succesful BECAUSE of Youtubers. MineCraft for example. I bought it because I saw someone having a lot of fun with it on YouTube, and I don't regret buying it. This way, a lot of games did blow up because of YouTubers. Slender, MineCraft, Terraria, if it wasn't for the Youtubers making the videos of those games, they wouldn't have sold half as good as they have now. In the end, it's more like free advertisement for the good games. Sure, some people rather watch it. But what are their reasons, hmm? Think about that for a second.

If a game is bad and the Let's Player shows this, people won't buy the game and it will hurt the company.
That's the thing, it hurts companies but saves players. And why was the game bad to begin with? That's not their fault. This is a good way of preventing companies from gaining from games that are complete and utter crap. If they don't want this, MAKE A GOOD GAME. You can not blame someone else for your game being a disaster, and you will lose a LOT more fans if you let them play that shit when they aren't warned about it. Yes you will gain more from this game, but you will lose a LOT more in the end. If you don't want people to review it as bad, DON'T MAKE IT BAD. You have ALL the resources needed to make a great game, use those resources, make a good game and the money will just rush into your wallet. And then there are indie games that are amazing and people love to play it, while they have less resources. Why can't you make something better with more resources? You can't blame Let's Players for your game being an abomination.

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