Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet Razorhawk

Meet Razorhawk. Short name: Razor. A character I came up with by asking myself the question: "What if someone had a razor sharp mohawk and started headbanging to metal music?". Welp, this guy right here is your answer. Why did I ask myself that? I have no fucking idea

Then I thought to myself, what if Razor Shark Mohawk Head Banging was an attack? Well, it is. The concept for Razorhawk is that he's a guy from the Metal genre of the music industry, and a dangerous fellow too. I mean look at him. HE HAS A BLADE ON HIS HEAD. But that aside, Razorhawk would be a kind of weird platformer, where you play as, well, as Razor here, and fight through hordes of enemies. How do you defeat them? HEADBANGING

Razor would end up in Hell for murder and has to fight for himself there, and he uses his razor sharp mohawk to do so. Each level would consist of Metal music to go with the theme of the game, METAL! Sadly, this is merely a concept, as this game would take far more than 1 person to create. Not to forget, how the hell do you expect me to make Metal music, I can't do that shit.

Content that would be in the game:
-HEADBANGING SUPER HERO... or, kinda more like a villain if you think about it.
-Metal Music. Ain't that just awesome.
-Demonic bosses from hell! Yay!
-Fun platforming experience.
-A ****TON of levels!

Here are all the reasons I can't make this game on my own:
-I can't make Metal music, well, any music at all actually... I can whistle?
-I can't program good enough because my school won't teach me scripting, which I still have to converse about with my teacher. Yes, I'm mad.
-Doing all the art by myself would be possible, but then we have the animation part which I'm bad at.
-No money to fund an engine better than flash. 
-No money to pay people who would work on the project.

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