Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cowctus Games Explained

Cowctus Games. a very long dream and an immense wish:
Cowctus Games is a dream, my dream for the future. I want to start this company to make the gaming industry less about money and more about the games and it’s players. 

Currently the gaming industry seems to be about the money. The average game company, ESPECIALLY the big ones, seem to care more about filling their own wallets rather than delivering quality games and taking the demands of players in mind.  Cowctus Games shall listen to the players, take care of the games like good parents take care of their newborn. I see the players of the games as an audience; an audience that wants entertainment with the same wealth they sacrifice to buy the games. I want to deliver them that AND MORE. Money will never be the first focus of Cowctus Games. Of course the company needs the money to survive, but we rather have our players entertained, happy, and experiencing a wonderful time with the games. Quality Games and listening to it’s players is our first priority, the money is not. Rather a good game with decent sales than a terrible game that fills our wallets with many sales, but leaves the players with a bitter taste in their mouth after playing the game.

Support the creativity within the players:
One of the thing I noticed with games is that a lot of them do not support the creativity of their players, which is a damn shame. From level editor to excellent modding tools (like the Skyrim Creation Kit), we wish to support the players completely in what they want to do with the game.

Supporting the modders:
One of the things I loved about Skyrim is that it’s game company provided a tool for modding, the creation kit. While this tool was immense and a great help to modders, it was EXTREMELY buggy. Cowctus Games will take it upon themselves to perfect this. We will support the modders with software that will be able to mod most of our games that go on the same engine, and if the engine updates, so does the software! An application without bugs? You got it? While it’s not possible to fix every bug sometimes, we will make sure that whatever application we give to you for modding is optimized, easy to use and not filled with bugs.

One of the things about modders is that they can sometimes improve the games far more than the actual companies themselves. We would like to use that! If we see a mod that is nearly essential to the game, or just adds a lot of great content to the game, we will even pay to work with these modders and implement it into the game without needing to mod it, for those who prefer to play without changing files. Teamwork between modders and company I feel is something that is underestimated. Mods are not for nothing that great. They extend the game, make the game’s experience even better! 

Of course we will not just take the mods and add them in, we will make sure that we have approval to do so and perhaps even work with the original authors of the mod to make it yet even better before putting it into the full version of the game.

Take it even further? WE CAN DO IT. If we see true talent within a modder, the company may even have a permanent job for this person if he so desires. I personally feel that modders are the undiscovered talents of the gaming industry who improve it a lot more than some companies ever could!

The Revival Project:
One of the projects that has been dwelling in my mind for a long time now is the Revival Project. It’s always a shame to see a game franchise die because of the companies killing them. Often the death by franchises are caused by bad sales and/or bad games. It’s such a shame when a franchise goes to the pile of dead franchises that it shouldn’t happen, but sadly it happens very often. The Revival Project aims to revive  franchises. Their state of revival depends on how the gamers want the franchise to be brought back. One of the franchises in this project’s idea development is Spyro. A franchise that was great, but died because of the terrible reboot and it’s main character moving to Skylanders. With the revival projects, I plan to buy the license of the franchise and bring it back to the state the fans of the series loved! Spyro 1, 2 and 3 were great games, and it could have had a longer lifespan. When Cowctus Games get the chance and license, Spyro will be back to it’s original state, the state the fans loved. An easy to play game, but hard to beat, with mechanics extremely similar to the first 3 Spyro’s, the stories aswell. The only thing different? Graphics. New age so this has to be changed. BUT we show concept art of the hero who will be revived by it, different styles, and the fans will decide what the revived hero will look like!

Side factors:
-One of the things that ALL the games will have is… an easter egg! This allows players to have a little hunting fun within every game. This will be called the “Cowctus Egg”. Simply explained, within every game you will be able to find the cactus cow called “Cowctus”!


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