Thursday, March 28, 2013

Upcoming Skyrim Mod: The Dremora Pits

After beating the majority of skyrim (my ass is still sore from doing so) I have wondered one thing: "What if this game had Dungeon farming obtainable weapons?" I plan to get this question answered by my next mod, the Dremora Pits!

About the Pits:
The Dremora Pits were kind of the test of the Dremora after Mehrunes Dagon fell to Akatosh. In the pits the Dremora fought to prove who of them was the one to take Dagon's place. Not like he needed to be replaced, he seemed to live on anyway. But the Dremora Pits had emblems made out of a material that came straight out of Dagon's oblivion plane, the more you had as a Dremora, the higher the respect of the other Dremora was. Soon, however, the other Daedric Princes also caught a glance of this and helped building it to test their minions. Especially Hermaeus Mora was interested in this to develop a method of using knowledge in combat and assisted in the building for the biggest time. However 1 dremora seemed to obtain so much power from the pits he grew extremely strong and the Daedric Princes desided to lock him up there. During these times the champion figured out how to make weapons out of the emblems and used them to train even more untill he eventually became immortal in a way that he would just stand up from the dead, no matter how many time he has been slain.

Content that will be in this mod:
Ahh of course that is why you really want this mod. These weapons could be taken in a way of an alternate Daedric weapons set. .However they have the models of Orcish because of the design (different textures though).

-All weapons of the "Odd" material can be obtained by forging it from the emblems you get from the beasts inside the dungeon.
-A dungeon that you can use to get powerful weapon AND smithing resources after you got the weapons so that it can be a pretty helpful mod.
-New ingots that can be made with Ebony and Malachite and can then be used to forge some Emblems.
-MAYBE a new custom model-texture sword stronger then the Daedric Sword, but this depends on my class mate since he said he would model it, so if he's in time it will happen.

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