Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Top 5 Games I want in the future.

This is all just on personal taste and opinion, and I won't state the obvious ones everyone wants, like Half-Life 3.

5. The Elder Scrolls 6
While this is a pretty obvious one it's not the most frequently mentioned. With next gen's graphics I don't think it will have TES6, especially because the Elder Scrolls Online is still in the works, but it's definatly in the top 5. Now, as to where I want the next elder scrolls to be... That's quite a good question, I think of all places I want "Summerset Isle" the most, especially after the whole Thalmor deal in skyrim. I just hope that when TES6 comes out, Bethesda will once again support the modding community like they did with Skyrim. But, to be honest, the real reason I want Summerset Isle as the next location is just to play as a nord and beat the living hell out of the high elves. Karma's a bitch huh, Thalmor?

4. Pokémon Emerald Remake
As this remake was not made in gen 5 I was kind of dissapointed, but wished for it to be in Gen 6. With the whole 3D aspect of gen 6 I am willing to make a bet that the Hoenn remakes will come to the 3DS as there seems to be a new remake every time the handheld's hardware gets better. As for the reasons, first of all I want to relive my nostalgia, Emerald was one of the first games I played and solo running it with Swampert was one of my most memorable moments in life (DAMN YOU MAY AND YOUR GROVYLE). Second reason would be the fact that with the 3D animation possibilities, the cutscene where Rayquaza arrives at Sootopolis and just defeats Groudon and Kyogre with a single roar would be immense. Also would I love to defeat the Battle Frontier once again, but with the new system introduced with the Pokémon World Tournament. Seriously, screw streak-based events, give me victory-based areas. While this nostalgia machine is one of my most wanted games of all time, it's only fourth because it's technically only a remake.

3. Battleblock Theater
This game is already confirmed to release soon, but it's definitely a game I want! The new game by the guys who brought you Castle Crashers proves to be a platforming and puzzle based game with co-op fun. Seeing how they made CC I am very sure it will also be a hilarious and memorable game once again. But let's face it, the real reason I want this game is to screw everyone over in Co-Op, as it's been shown that it's VERY possible to do so in Battleblock Theater's trailer.

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Thalmor
Not really a game, more a DLC for Skyrim. I feel like the war was a bit too rushed in the end, no matter who you chose you barely did anything against the thalmor. They were epic endings, but to me don't feel like they did it's justice. That's why I wish for a DLC that adds the final war between Skyrim and the Thalmor, depending who you chose of course. Also, the choice of joining the Thalmor should be there, as I assume some people played as high elves too. Nevertheless, I want an epic conclusion to this war for Skyrim, but most of all, I just want to bash the Thalmor leader's skull in with my mace.

Now finally, the most important one of all in my opinion...

1. The Revival of Spyro!
This franchise has been through hell ever since it's reboot, it got worse for the dragon and... WHY DOES SPARX EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT NOW? Spyro now makes appearances in Skylanders but should instead get it's own game again, and not like the shitfest after the reboot. NEVER AGAIN. I want, we want our gem collecting heroic purple dragon back! With the old crew, even Space Monkey (forgot his name) can return for all that I care. EVEN MONEYBAGS CAN. Why? They belonged in Spyro. Gems belonged in Spyro, the open world belonged in Spyro. I wouldn't mind if the bosses were a bit different, but NOT THE ENTIRE GAME. Please, REVIVE THIS DRAGON. Not a reboot, but back to it's roots, like with the old engine and his old looks!


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