Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Zolru Update

Yep, the mod is barely a week old and the first update is already coming. I can't quite tell how far this update is because right now it still feels incomplete even though it already adds a bit, but let's just go over what is already in this expansion update.

This update to my new mod "The Legend of Bloodlust Tomb" is focused around the Zolru Mages, you could already hear a little about them in the mod right now but I feel like I didn't give it a proper lore just yet. But now, why would I just update a mod to add 1 more book about the lore? Pffft, no. That wouldn't even be worth it. No, this mod adds a lot of content then just that. This expansion also allows you to gain a bit of the power the Zolru Circle had.

Download Links:
Skyrim Nexus
Steam Workshop

Currently in the expansion:
The Zolru Tomes
There are 5 zolru tomes, each teach you a new spell created my the zolru mages themselves. There was a 6th one, but you will see what happened to that one later in the update.

The Zolru Temple
Somewhere in the bloodlust tomb I have hidden an entrance to this mystical place where you can meet the one and only priest of Zolru, Bormahsero. He won't be what you expect him to be (sadly, no interaction possible yet, maybe in the future). Also this is the location you can find the zolru tomes, the graves of the mighty Zolru Circle, and even... is that a giant sword? I wonder what happens if you grab it.

The Zolru Circle (BOOK)
This book will be where the Zolru Tomes are. It will tell the entire lore of the Zolru Circle, and it will be catogarized so that you can just skip whichever part you want to skip my spamming your button.

This is a disease you can recieve from one of the new added monsters in Bloodlust Tomb. This disease, however, will have it's positive and negative effects. It will make melee attacks stronger, but stamina regeration is slowed down by a lot.

Smaller changes:
-Teric's gift no longer contains Ebony equipment and is now replaced with Steel.
-The entire dungeon recieved an update to it's lighting, make it feel more unique.
-Changes around the dungeon to make it less bland.
-Slevoh is now guaranteed to be male, previously he could be either gender.
-Other minor bug fixes


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